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by edyyy at 8:09 AM
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We are in progress of setting up new permissions system which will fix all of rank tags.
It will also give us a lot more control and easier access to permissions of whole network.

Setup might take up to a hour.​
by skiborooster at 10:48 PM
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Hello everyone, there were a few glitches with our mcmmo plugin on factions. We need to wait for mcmmo to update for them to fix. The glitches were pretty bad, so mcmmo is disabled on factions for now.

You WILL get to keep all your mcmmo points and skills once we are done updating the plugin, thank you for your patience, and we will expect this update within the next few days.
by Brittanyy at 1:44 AM
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Hello all, there is some confusion when people are applying for helper. I will outline a few things to avoid this in the future.

Question: What is your timezone?
This question is referring to the timezone you live in. We thought this question was pretty self explanatory but an astounding amount of players only put the state or city they live in as an answer, not their actual timezone.

Question: What server do you normally play on?
This question is referring to the server on CowCraft. We want to know what server you play on frequently because we need more staff on some than on others.

The servers that we currently have are:
Kit-PvP, Factions, Creative, Skyblock, CowCade and Survival

Quick Edit: I would also like to point something out. If you don't bother using correct grammar in your application, your application will be denied.

Hopefully this clears up...
by edyyy at 12:22 PM
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Hello everyone,
So as you noticed most of players do not have any rank tags, however everyone should have permissions to all commands and perks as before.

This happened because I re-built whole ranks system to a way better one which had zero chance of missing out any pet permissions or ranks. The way they are saved now make it way easier to manage them, however the idea I had didn't really work out as permissions plugin we are using has a weird way of picking rank priorities. So if you had multiple ranks on network then your rank tag wouldn't show up, it's a pretty complicated system so I am not going to go into detail.

Anyways, we came up with even better rank system which has never done on any other network before. We are in progress of setting it up so it may take day or two to fully finish it, in meanwhile you will have to deal with the current rank tags problem. We are truly sorry about this!

On other news, towny needs some small fixes and updates before going into beta....
by edyyy at 2:15 AM
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We are having few issue with skyblock server as it uses WorldEdit in order to function properly. However WorldEdit has been updated and few of WorldEdit dependent plugins broke including SkyBlock.
The skyblock plugin can still work but it has some bugs which can cause way bigger problems, that's why we are forced to temporarily close skyblock server until this problem is fixed.

This progress can take up to 10-20 hours as developer is not online at the moment. We are trying our best to fix skyblock as soon as possible.
We are also planning on adding players market place which will allow players to claim small plots to make their own market and sell items.

On other note, towny server is almost ready for beta testing! RVB server is almost setup too, we are not going to use the new RVB plugin as it's work in progress so in meanwhile I will setup the old RVB server with new maps!
by aaomidi at 3:15 AM
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The contents of this thread may change with or without notifications.
General Cow Laws


Section A) Main Server Rules

Section B) How to Contact Staff/Applications

Section C) Forum Usage/Rules

A) Main Server Rules:We have 0% toleration for the breaking of these rules! Note that when constant rule breaking is done by a player, the severity of their punishment will go up next time.

1. No disrespecting players/staff members. - On CowCraft, we maintain a friendly and safe network for players to enjoy themselves and make new friends. We don’t allow any sort of cyber bullying, harassment, sexual language, or other inappropriate conduct.

The punishment for breaking this rule could result in a kick, mute, temp-ban, or ban in extreme cases.

2. No advertising - We don’t allow any form of advertising on this server. Examples of advertising are any way...
by edyyy at 4:36 AM
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Factions changelog:
- You are now able to use /tpa in enemy area
- Added anti loot steal plugin
- Added signs shop

Survival changelog:
- You can now use /tpa
- Added signs shop

Creative changelog:
- You can now use /tpa

SkyBlock changelog:
- You can now use /is invite
- Signs shop has been re-added
- Sign protection for chests has been added (you can now protect your chests by placing sign on them)

CowCade changelog:
- Parkour plugin has been removed
- Now using beds to save your location on parkour (right click bed to save location, type /home to go back)

Other changelog:
- Rank names now show up

There was a ton more changes but I forgot to note them down. Most important changes you can see in this changelog. Will try to push another changelog in end of this week.
by aaomidi at 7:11 PM
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Just wanted to tell you guys I'm working on the new RvB plugin :)

Hopefully this new one will be less laggy and more fun :)

Wish you guys the best!
Cow on!
by edyyy at 6:35 AM
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So, there is a massive update upcoming for ranks! The update will get rid of premium rank and add everyone to three rank system.

Let me explain why we are doing this, the current premium was obtained by all of donators on cowcraft. Some have donated over hundred dollars for the rank and some have donated five dollars. This made a lot of players upset as a lot of them spent way more money on the rank than other and yet everyone got same exact perks.

So what we did was calculate the total amount each donor that has ever donated to cowcraft and then giving rank depending on how much player has donated. However we were unable to define on which server each player has donated so if you donated for rank2, then you will get rank2 on all of servers that we had in cc v1.

We didn't feel like charging players MONTHLY for a rank was the right thing to do. So ALL of ranks are now permanent!