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Hi everyone, Edy, skiborooster, and BlueFanta136 here.

Before you read the topic of this and start to panic, we would like to stress that NONE of this is official yet, and this is just food for thought. We would like you all to consider this: almost everyone who plays now says that old faction server was more fun than the current Cowcraft factions. And the reason for this, was that we had A LOT more players. We can achieve this again, however we believe that it involves disabling tnt, and making the factions server a great deal simpler.

Back in 2012, as some of you know it was nothing but a factions server. At this point in time the server was thriving, we had a large, loyal player base, and all of the aspects of factions were perfect. Fast forward a bit to 2013 and things were still rolling along, however many of the “veterans” were unhappy with the server. They felt that compared to the other, hardcore...
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  • Now fully supports 1.8
  • Now supports new blocks and items
  • Supports name changes, meaning you won't lose ranks or stats if you change your username
  • Leaderboard is back, now uses heads too!
  • You are now able to use flint and steel
  • You are now able to break blocks such as leaves
  • Able to check other player's stats by using /sg stats [username]
  • Now shows KDR in /sg stats
  • Sadly had to reset stats because of new 1.8 update
by edyyy at 9:31 PM
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  • Added two new arenas: "Balloons" and "Towers"
  • Updated development server to full 1.8
  • Added perks information for HungerGames and SkyWars
  • Added auction plugin /auc for more information
  • Added auction plugin /auc for more information
by edyyy at 4:22 AM
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  • Fall damaged enabled
  • Arcane+ are now able to vote for chest type too in the lobby (VIPs still get instant access)
  • Per arena chat, this means only players in the same arena can see your chat. We're looking into disabling this
  • You now need at least 4 players to start the game
  • Change sethome amounts: Builder 8, Architect 15, Creativegod 20
  • Added /near to Architect
  • Added /ptime to Creativegod
  • Changed Skylord sethome amount from 7 to 10
  • Noble is now able to disguise as cow, chicken, pig and sheep
  • Titan is now able to disguise as zombie, skeleton, creeper and wolf
  • Skylord is now able to disguise as blaze, slime, pig zombie, witch, iron golem, snowman, magmacube, guardian and rabbit
  • Added /near to Titan
  • Added "/kit noble" kit includes 1 ocelot egg and 5 cow eggs
  • Added "/kit titan" kit includes 1 wolf egg and 20 exp bottles
  • Added "/kit skylord" kit...
by edyyy at 2:26 AM
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  • You can no longer steal items / weapon using disarm
  • Armor impact for axes has been changed to 1%
  • Bug fixes, hopefully fixed issue with games not starting
  • You can now spectate games
  • You can now see countdown in lobby
  • Added basic and op chest types
  • VIPs are now able to vote for chest type match, there are basic, normal and op types
  • VIPs are now able to sponsor players while in spectate mode
  • VIPs now get double points
  • Added kits to ranks
  • All ranks are now able to place spawners but only Iron+ are able to mine them
  • Added kits to Iron, Gold, Diamond and default ranks
  • Added bunch of disguises to Diamond rank
  • Donors are now able to set multiple homes
  • Added kits to Sir, Knight, Lord and default ranks
  • Added more disguises for Lord rank
  • Now able to break heal / disposal signs
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Hey ya'll
We've upgraded the registration system for the website.
You can now register using /forums register and change your password using /forums password.

We've also added a "Last Seen" feature which will show you if a player is online on the server or not :)
by edyyy at 2:40 AM
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So we finally setup TeamSpeak for CowCraft Network.

What is TeamSpeak?
TeamSpeak is alternative to programs such as Skype, on Skype you have to host the call yourself meaning the call will depend on your internet connection. Skype isn't very secure either and has security holes which can be abused in order to get your IP address. TeamSpeak is hosted on a dedicated server, meaning connection is going to be always good and there is no way of getting a person's IP from TeamSpeak.

How do I get TeamSpeak?
You can download the TeamSpeak client from here:

How do I connect to CowCraft's TeamSpeak server?
After you open the program you will see a tab called "Connections". Click on it, then click on "Connect" and a menu will come up. Here you're able to type server address for the TeamSpeak server which is:
by edyyy at 8:24 PM
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I did some small updates on many other servers but didn't write them down, all I can remember are few updates for factions server. I will try to keep all of my notes in one place for the next patch :)


  • [Re-added] 1v1 arenas (stats are disabled for now for testing purposes)
  • [Added] Donorshop (/warp donorshop)
  • [Re-added] Disguises, you can now use /dis [mobname] again
  • [Fixed] MobArena exp drops
  • [Fixed] Unable to open enderchests / hobochest at spawn
  • [Changed] Increased nether world border
  • [Changed] Reset FacWars
  • [Added] Selling spawn eggs in /shop, you're now able to buy default spawners and change them using spawn eggs
  • [Added] Selling crate keys in /ccshop
  • [Added] Rage faces, you can find them along with other smilies
  • [Upcoming] New theme, current one has a lot of issues and is not as smooth as I expected
Next patch
  • [Factions] Larger enderchests
  • [All servers] Improved donor...
by edyyy at 12:07 AM
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So as all of you have noticed, there aren't as many updates or patches being posted on website. One of the reasons for that is we're working on updating whole network to 1.8 while also implementing support for name changes. That is our top priority at the moment.

There were also some issues with factions update, we didn't test the feature before posting them on website. We had a ton of issues with some of the features which forced us to take down some of the plugins.

Either way, more than a half of the posted features have been already implemented into the server. We're looking into a solution to fix this as soon as possible.
There's a lot going on in the background which is not being posted on website, patch notes will be posted on website this week.
by JordanSemo at 7:06 PM
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Hello fellow cowcraftians, as most of you know, there was an update where you could change your current username to something new. In addition to that I created a post for you guys to comment what rank you lost and so on, we now have a new efficient way of doing that.

Courtesy of Zenexer you can now post everything that was lost here to this program,
Everything will be kept safely documented and ready for the rank to be added.

If you experience any problems with the program, contact Zenexer.