by skiborooster at 8:20 PM
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Hello everyone,
This factions Update will be implementing some changes, some updates, but also some new additions.
I will start off with the announcement that Facwars will be resetting, it is basically a huge mess anyway, and it was our original plan to reset it about now anyway. Also, the nether will be expanding about 1000 blocks outward, to allow for new terrain, and especially, more available blaze spawners.

The following will be added as well:

  • Keys will be added to /ccshop (coins got from voting)
  • Spawners will be added to the regular shop, as well as /shop (you can expect fair prices according to spawner)
  • A new mob arena will be added, (this allows new players to get exp, and also is quite fun!)
  • A Donor shop will be added, with better items, and cheaper prices.
  • A bounty plugin will be added. (You can set an amount of money to...
by Jordan_Semo at 10:34 PM
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Since the recent post a large quantity of you, mainly donors have changed your usernames and have lost your donor status, this thread will assist you in the return of your rank if you are unable to get in contact with staff members; I ask you to add the following information.

1) Your old IGN.
2) Your new IGN.
3) Your rank and what server you lost it on.

Ranks will be returned as soon as possible, you may mail either edy or myself if you have any inquires.
@Jordan_Semo @edyyy
by Jordan_Semo at 4:21 PM
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As many of you know, Mojang has implemented a one time name change. This small update will result in a temporary loss of donor status on all servers IF you have changed your name already. Kit-PvP will also be affected for our plugins' stats are co-existing with your original IGN. We advise you to NOT change your usernames until a solution has been found.

If you feel this will be an issue for you, make a comment in the section below and a staff member will be in contact with you ASAP.

PM Jordan_Semo, MonkeyComedyHD or Edy if you have lost your rank. Please add the following information; your rank, old IGN and new IGN.
by edyyy at 3:49 PM
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We're having issues with mcmmo on factions and towny servers. Some of players are losing their stats, Zenexer is trying to solve the issue at the moment.

In meanwhile mcmmo will be taken down in order to protect mcmmo stats. The players that already lost stats, please let us know in comments below and we will fix it for you.​
by edyyy at 7:37 AM
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  • Added pvp logger
  • Disabled /enderchest while in combat
  • Added enderpearls cooldown
  • Changed few prices in shop
  • Added permissions to /clearinventory or /ci
  • Enabled mcmmo pvp features
  • Fixed respawning, now you will respawn at your faction home instead of spawn
  • Disabled hunger in spawn, shop and crates area
  • Removed spider spawners from diamond crate
  • You're no longer able to teleport to ally's faction home by default

Coming next patch:
  • Fix beacons
  • Bigger enderchests
  • Cleaner and less spam-ish look for auction
  • Finish donor information at /warp donate
  • Add donor shop/area
  • Fix disguises glitch (disguises has been disabled for now till the glitch is fixed)
  • Finish wiki for factions
  • Fix lag issues
by edyyy at 9:41 PM
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So this patch took awhile. First of all, thank you for still playing and supporting the server! I just want to point out, I may seem inactive on forums but that doesn't mean I don't read threads and note all of issue reports.

I am also pretty active at responding to emails at [email protected] If you have any issues feel free to send me email. Please don't send any emails that are related to bans or staff appeals, we have a section for that on website.

To most of people I am known as a person that doesn't keep promises or is always AFK ingame. My timing on finishing projects isn't the most accurate, the reason for that is I have no idea what kind of issues might come up in the process of working on the project.
There haven't been a project that would go 100% smoothly, I am always expecting to stumble upon issues that might take time to solve. It's just the question how long it will take to solve it.

As for AFK thing, most of the work I do...
by edyyy at 12:07 PM
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The factions server will launch at 12 AM timezone: CET

There are few unfinished things and I am working on fixing. However, no matter what server will launch at the time stated above.
by edyyy at 3:48 AM
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Factions are still in progress, but here is an update on how far we came in past 3-4 weeks.



PvP Arena

Cow Lotto



Gui Shop - Categories

Gui Shop - Items

Commands Shop

Tab Stats

by edyyy at 3:29 PM
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  • Assistants can now build anywhere in town
  • Assistants are now able to unclaim town's land
  • Assistants are now able to withdraw money from town
  • You are now able to upgrade your donor rank at
  • Normal users are now able to create nations
  • Nation cost has been changed to 10k
  • To create a new town now costs 1k
  • To claim one town block now costs 300
  • Nation daily upkeep has been changed to 500
  • Town daily upkeep now depends on how many claims your town has, 1 claim = 5 dollars for daily upkeep.
  • All players are now able to place ANY spawners, but only donors are able to mine them
Coming next patch:
  • Kits for donors
  • More permissions for helper rank in town
  • Chat colors fixed
  • Buyable mcmmo levels
  • Disable strength 2 potion
  • New shop
by Brittanyy at 1:27 AM
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The winners of the HG event that was hosted tonight were:
1st Place - Big_Mike_01 - lowest rank on Towny
2nd Place - Mrcaljoyce - lowest rank on Factions
3rd Place - pumpkinkitty - lowest rank on Towny
4th Place - McGooney - lowest rank on Towny

Thanks to all who participated. If you didn't win, don't be discouraged. There will be more events in the future for you to join in and play.