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by edyyy at 3:29 PM
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  • Assistants can now build anywhere in town
  • Assistants are now able to unclaim town's land
  • Assistants are now able to withdraw money from town
  • You are now able to upgrade your donor rank at donate.cowcraft.net
  • Normal users are now able to create nations
  • Nation cost has been changed to 10k
  • To create a new town now costs 1k
  • To claim one town block now costs 300
  • Nation daily upkeep has been changed to 500
  • Town daily upkeep now depends on how many claims your town has, 1 claim = 5 dollars for daily upkeep.
  • All players are now able to place ANY spawners, but only donors are able to mine them
Coming next patch:
  • Kits for donors
  • More permissions for helper rank in town
  • Chat colors fixed
  • Buyable mcmmo levels
  • Disable strength 2 potion
  • New shop
by Brittanyy at 1:27 AM
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The winners of the HG event that was hosted tonight were:
1st Place - Big_Mike_01 - lowest rank on Towny
2nd Place - Mrcaljoyce - lowest rank on Factions
3rd Place - pumpkinkitty - lowest rank on Towny
4th Place - McGooney - lowest rank on Towny

Thanks to all who participated. If you didn't win, don't be discouraged. There will be more events in the future for you to join in and play.
by edyyy at 11:40 PM
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Finally, patch #2 is here! There has been a ton changes and improvements since the last patch. Here is the list of all changes:

I have not noted ALL of changes made since the last patch so this is not a full list.


· Fixed few server crashes

· All servers have been updated to protocol hack which allows 1.8 clients to join

· Pets have been added back to whole network

· Part of permissions on server have been fixed and improved

· Server management has been improved

Coming next patch:

· Perk fixes and improvements for all of donor ranks

· More disguise options (colored sheep, baby villagers and such)

· Hub 2 which you would be redirected while main hub is restarting


· Pets have been disabled in arenas

· Sadly stats had to be reset in order to use better method of saving stats

· Added disguises

· Hopefully fixed most of the lag

· Nicknames don’t reset on every...
by Brittanyy at 12:25 AM
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As the title states, suggest your idea(s) for some kits for HG and they may just end up on the server.

Any off-topic posts will be deleted.

EDIT: When I mean suggest kit ideas for SG, I mean kits with specific items within them. Similar to what master_sprinklez did but your own creative idea.
by skiborooster at 12:00 AM
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Hello CowCrafters! I am here to announce the winners of today's server-wide HungerGames event!

In first place: midgetbrady12
Second place: Zachsuperstar28
Third place: MrLegendary12
Fourth place: caseywhite12

In this epic game, over 80 people joined a Hunger Games arena, and fought to the death to have the right to pick from 3 epic prizes. The last 4 survivors could choose between The lowest donor rank on any CowCraft server of your choice, a cow pet, or 200 vote coins!

If you missed this event, and you would like a chance to win some of these amazing prizes, the events usually happen on weekends! so make sure to watch for the broadcasts in game!
by edyyy at 10:40 PM
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Donor ranks on Towny server, I am going to use rank1, rank2 and rank3 in order to represent each rank on the server. Keep in mind that we are going to add more perks in the future.

Default rank (everyone starts with this rank)
- All the default commands like (/tpa, /home etc..)
- Able to mine and place spawners
Pig, sheep, cow, chicken, slime, squid, wolf

- /hat
- /ptime
- /workbench
- /feed
- /sethome (3 homes)
- /dis
Chicken, cow, horse, ocelot, pig, sheep, squid, villager
- Able to create disposal and heal signs

- /back
- /heal
- Keep exp on death
- /near
- /sethome (5 homes)
- /dis
Blaze, skeleton, slime, witch, zombie
- Able to use colors on signs
- Able to mine and place spawners
Skeleton, spider, zombie, cavespider, mooshroom, ocelot, creeper

- Able to use chat colors
- /enderchest
- /repair (only repairs non enchanted tools and armor)
- /nick
- /sethome (10 homes)
- /dis
Mooshroom, irongolem, snowgolem, magmacube
- Able to mine and place spawners
by edyyy at 12:42 AM
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Hello there fellow cows!
First off I do want to apologize about the down time we had few days ago. Our hard drives were overloaded with 2 TB of data which caused few problems. The issue is now fixed and should not happen again in the future.

Towny, we been testing a lot of towny features and fixing the pain in the ass chat format, as towny uses its own chat system which is a bit derpy. Anyways, I am sure no one cares about that so let's get to the good part.
The release date of Towny is October 28 (tomorrow). No I DO NOT have the exact hour, minute, second or millisecond it comes out. So don't sit whole day and spam staff about towny release, go out and milk some cows while we prepare.
When towny comes out, do not expect all of features to be in place. Towny has a massive list of features which will be added after server is out. For the people who want to see map, here you go http://cowcraft.net/livemap
The world is 10k x 10k blocks size. The live map will also show your...
by edyyy at 1:16 AM
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Hello fellow cows,

Today we have pushed a pretty big update. The new hub doesn't have portal to factions server anymore, but that doesn't mean factions is gone forever. What we wanted to do is only leave functional servers in hub to prevent any confusion, we are going to add one by one of new servers as soon as they are ready for testing. Our current priority is: Creative -> Towny -> HungerGames -> Factions.

As you also noticed cowcade portal was removed too, however you can still access cowcade using /server cowcade. We are going to remove that server as soon as we setup new minigames and new hungergames in the main hub. The goal with new HungerGames is to bring back old good lobby with the known features and on top of that add new features too.

Patch #1

- Added a lot of new features in /ccshop

- Added a lot of new features in /ccshop

- Added a lot of new features in /ccshop

- The spawn has been expanded, @BlueFanta136 and...
by edyyy at 9:13 PM
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As you noticed, cowcraft has been inactive for a bit now. The main reason is because bukkit is not going to be a option to run servers on in near future. However there are other softwares coming up, like sponge and glowstone. Sponge does not support plugins from bukkit, meaning every single plugin will break. This also means developing plugins for bukkit software is just waste of time as all of them will break anyways.

So, our current plan is to stick with 1.7.10 version of minecraft till 1.8 is fully stable which may take months. However we are planning on using 1.8 protocol hack to allow 1.8 clients to connect to the server. This would be 100% optional but I do believe a lot of people don't even know how to change version of mc and server would get more traffic if we did support 1.8 clients. However, protocol hack does not mean full 1.8. It only allows 1.8 clients to join and that's about it, there are also many many bugs with this protocol hack. Like memory leaks, client crashes...
by aaomidi at 9:16 AM
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Hey guys!

I've been getting this question endlessly! Why are we not updating to 1.8?

Well there are a few reasons, so lets start.

As most of you know, the server software is made by Bukkit. A few weeks ago, EvilSpeh, the main developer of Bukkit said that he wasn't going to continue the project due Mojang's incompetence with all of the EULA drama.
After that issues, Jeb stated that they've "owned" Bukkit along and the project wasn't EvilSpeh's to discontinue. This was taken very hardly from the modding community and personally for me as well, Mojang has owned Bukkit all along but has not provided any code mappings (Minecraft is closed source, Mappings would've made Bukkit much easier to update) towards the development of their "own" software.

Before the news of Mojang acquiring Bukkit became available, Bukkit was being released with the GPL License (General Public License), this meant that it could not be owned by a corporation such as Mojang.