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by aaomidi at 7:11 PM
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Just wanted to tell you guys I'm working on the new RvB plugin :)

Hopefully this new one will be less laggy and more fun :)

Wish you guys the best!
Cow on!
by edyyy at 6:35 AM
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So, there is a massive update upcoming for ranks! The update will get rid of premium rank and add everyone to three rank system.

Let me explain why we are doing this, the current premium was obtained by all of donators on cowcraft. Some have donated over hundred dollars for the rank and some have donated five dollars. This made a lot of players upset as a lot of them spent way more money on the rank than other and yet everyone got same exact perks.

So what we did was calculate the total amount each donor that has ever donated to cowcraft and then giving rank depending on how much player has donated. However we were unable to define on which server each player has donated so if you donated for rank2, then you will get rank2 on all of servers that we had in cc v1.

We didn't feel like charging players MONTHLY for a rank was the right thing to do. So ALL of ranks are now permanent!
by edyyy at 5:25 PM
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We are converting a massive amount of files from old version to new one, in order to do that server has to connect to mojang servers and ask them to convert the files.
Because of massive amount of files mojang has temporary blocked connections to cowcraft. So we are whitelistning server till we finish converting all of the files. Without people trying to constantly connect to the server will make process a lot faster, in meanwhile it converts we are going to work on fixing servers like:
RVB, Skyblock, Survival, Creative, HungerGames and more.
SkyBlock, RVB and HungerGames should open later today. If you have any questions leave a comment below. This might take up to 3 hours to finish converting all of the files.
by edyyy at 12:17 AM
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As you have noticed the ip "mc.cowcraft.net" now directs you to BETA server. We are transferring all of your plots on creative and survival right now as I am making this post. That is the reason you can't join creative server on BETA because your plots haven't transferred yet! We do not know how long it will take to transfer everything because it's a massive amount of files! It might take up to a hour to finish everything.

To redeem your pets from v1 go to donate.cowcraft.net and click on redeem pets, then select the pets you had on v1.

This doesn't mean v2 has fully released, we think having all of servers under one network is going to be way easier to progress and manage upcoming v2!
by edyyy at 5:23 AM
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Factions changelog:

- You will now teleport to your faction home after death
- Premiums can now type in color
- Default players on factions will now type in white
- /kit god timer has been changed to 5 days
- /kit present now has 5 exp bottles, 3 cow eggs and 3 mushroomcow eggs
- Territory Shield precentage has been lowered

SkyBlock changelog:

- You can now break signs like disposal, heal and mail
- /back has been added for rank3 players

Survival changelog:

- Animals can now spawn in plotworld
- /tpa has been added

Creative changelog:

- You can now add/remove players from plots

Other changelog:

- Premium members can now /fly in hub
- Pets has been added

/shop for factions, survival, skyblock and more
rank names (still testing and fixing issues)
cowcoins shop with voting
more items added to web store
by edyyy at 11:48 PM
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Factions changelog:

- Factions now can hold 25 members
- You can now have longer nickname
- Creepers can now do block damage
- /back command has been added for Rank3
- /near command has been added for Rank3
- Rank2 and up can now use color codes on signs
- /ext command has been added for Rank2 and up
- All containers can be now opened in enemy area, meaning you can now open chests, hoppers, furnaces and all other containers. So make sure you put a block above your chests!
- /dis bat is now disabled
- strength II potions are now disabled

Creative changelog:

- The gamemode bug has been fixed now for sure

SkyBlock changelog:

- Amir is working on fixing the plugin.

Other changelog:

- All players that were missing premium rank, will now have it


- Fixes for pets
- Fixes for donations system
- Warzone fixes in factions
- Rank names for all of ranks
- Voting
- More+
by Brittanyy at 3:44 PM
(776 Views / 3 Likes)
As you all know, open Beta has been released and with that comes lots of bugs and things that need to be fixed. Here you can post all the things that are bugged with the server you are playing on so we can get them fixed ASAP. Please be sure to refer to Edy's change-logs before you post here.

Follow this format for reporting:

Server Name:
Bug (issue you are having):
by edyyy at 2:58 PM
(264 Views / 4 Likes)
Factions changelog

- The /f claim is now fixed
- PVP logger is now fixed and instant kills all pvp loggers on pvp log
- /enderchest is now fixed
- Multiple mobs been disabled from disguise plugin, caused lots of problems
- "Disappearing items from enderchest" - Not sure if that's a problem, needs to be confirmed
- The player's default power is now 10 (was 0 before)
- Factions members limit is now 20
- Fixed few permissions
- Premiums color chat has been changed to white (was hard to see chat with all the colors)
- FactionsPlus has been disabled for now, reason it's been disabled is because it broke /f claim
What is FactionPlus? It handles commands like /f warp and more. We will wait till developer fixes the issue.

Creative changelog:

- Fixed plot claiming
- Fixed gamemode (you will now spawn in creative mode)

Other changelog:

- Islands in skyblock are disappearing, players falling and dying | Not sure if that's a problem, needs to be confirmed


- Add and fix pets
by edyyy at 5:19 PM
(848 Views / 6 Likes)
Open Beta will be coming out in couple of hours, so let me explain what BETA means!
This does not mean we are fully releasing CC V2!
Beta means we are going to test the current stage of CC V2, so when you join server and don't find your plots or items.
Don't start yelling "OMG WHERE IS MY STUFFZ", because we are NOT transferring your stuff to BETA. However the current cowcraft will stay as we do testing on BETA server, we cannot guarantee that we will keep your stuff after BETA is over! So PLEASE do not spend your time building huge bases or houses as it's NOT going to be saved after beta is over!
Do not expect BETA to work perfectly fine without any bugs, this is why we are doing BETA in first place is to fix all problems before we fully release! If you do find a problem, please report it on forums and it will be taken care of.

So I think we got the warning message out of the way, lets see what CC V2 beta will include!
Here is a...